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How Toxin Rid Helps Prior To A Drug Test

Toxin Rid is a 10-day detox supplement that helps flush out the toxins accumulated in the body courtesy prolonged drug usage. This system 2017-02-06_12-57-51helps when you want to clear a drug test. If you’ve been smoking marijuana for most of the past month and there’s an impending drug test in the next 10 days or a couple of weeks, administering Toxin Rid tablets shall help you squander all traces of objectionable substances in your body.

As the name indicates, this detox system should be taken for 10 days straight to notice results. The program has been specifically designed for people exposed to extreme levels of toxins. The supplement program comprises three components: dietary fiber (1 ounce), 150 pre-rid tablets, and detox liquid (1 ounce).

The program doesn’t work in conjunction with marijuana usage. During the 10 days of cleansing, it’s imperative you stay away from marijuana. Follow the dosage recommendations on the product cover. Administer three tablets every hour for five hours straight in a day. The total number of tablets taken should not exceed 15. Drink lots of water and fresh juices while administering the tablets.

The tablets only represent the second stage of the program. After having completed the 10-day tablet quota, conclude the program by drinking the detox liquid. Remember, the detox liquid should be taken only on the 10th day. Divide the drink into two halves. The first half must be taken with 4 ounces of water or orange juice. For the next two hours, do not consume any food or drink. After the two-hour gap, consume the remaining detox liquid half.

The fourth step is taking the dietary fiber, which should be administered an hour prior to the drug test. The dietary fiber can be mixed with 8 ounces of water or orange juice. The drink should be consumed within a couple of minutes. 15 minutes post finishing the drink, drink some 16 ounces of pure water and not orange juice or any other drink. Within an hour, you would urinate two to three times. Once done, go ahead and take your test. Just to confirm you’re clean, take a home-based drug test before taking the actual test.

Increasing the Chances of Passing the Test

The following shall significantly increase your likeliness of passing the ultimate test with flying colors:

• Stay completely off drugs for the 10-day period.
• To expedite the cleansing process, incorporate moderate aerobic exercises into your regime. Exercise for 30 minutes every day and also do sauna and eat healthy food. However, do not exercise in the 24 hours before the drug exam.
• As far as healthy food goes, it should comprise fiber, fruits, green vegetables, low-fat turkey and/or chicken. Junk food and sugar should be avoided completely. Also, resort to eating multiple small meals throughout the day instead of going all out in one sitting.
• During the 10-day period, you are not only supposed to stay away from marijuana but also refrain from taking nicotine and alcohol.


The program has quite a few advantages besides serving its primary purpose.

• The detox program includes a free drug exam.
• The product is not made from animal products, artificial ingredients, fillers, or synthetics. All the constituents are natural.
• The manufacturer provides a full money back guarantee.


There are a couple of aspects of this product that may annoy a few people. For instance, the product usage instructions are set in stone and cannot be altered as per one’s convenience. Passing the drug test depends completely on how religious you’ve been to the detoxification program instructions. Even missing out on the minor things could cause you to fail the drug exam. In case you are not sure or are slightly confused about the instructions, call the company’s customer service team and clear your doubts. Another slight annoyance with using this detox program is that you’d be using the bathroom a bit too often. And its pricey.